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I discovered my passion and gift for hypnosis while breaking my own smoking habit. I smoked for 16 years and tried everything to quit. It wasn’t until I explored hypnotherapy that I was truly able to break the smoking habit. After just two sessions with a professional hypnotist I was able to walk away forever.

Shortly after that astounding and life-changing experience I sought out the top training experts in the field and within one year of quitting smoking I was a Certified Hypnotherapist. I went on to specialize in childbirth hypnosis and hypnosis for weight loss and skyrocketed to the top of my profession winning numerous accolades from local organizations, TV and newspapers. I owe it all to day I chose to trust myself and my own subconscious mind!

How does it work?

The Healing Garden Hypnosis Smoking Cessation Program includes in-office and at-home self hypnosis to keep you on the road to success. Your two personalized smoking cessation appointments with a certified hypnotherapist will combine hypnotherapy and NLP for maximum benefit and healing change. Ideally, the two sessions will be scheduled 2-5 days apart and will last about an hour and a half each. So the whole process takes less than 3 hours of your time and you can be smoke-free in less than a week! The program also includes two additional sessions recorded on a CD for at home reinforcement.

The cost to change your life and finally take back control once and for all is only $350. Most smokers spend $3,000-5,000 per year on cigarettes. Ask yourself “what will I do with all that extra money?”

This isn’t some get-rich-quick scheme on my part. I am in this business because I honestly care about helping people change their lives in healthy and powerful ways. When you succeed, I succeed! Word of mouth referrals are my number one source of business.

So if you’re ready to take back your life from the tobacco and pharmaceutical companies and walk away from the cigarettes, pills, patches and gum once and for all, please call me. You won’t be disappointed!

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Hypnosis can be very effective in helping you to break the smoking habit! Curious? Learn more in this Huffington Post article Can Hypnosis Really Help You Quit Smoking?